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you deserve satisfaction. science says so.

your sexual wellness journey

Research shows that good sex is good for you. Having regular orgasms can improve vaginal health, reproductive health, mood, and overall well-being. At awesome woman, we believe a major part of a balanced, healthy, life is fulfilling sex. Using science, we help our members connect the dots—physical, mental and emotional—to reach their sexual potential.

Oh, and: STIs or pain during sex aren’t things we should just “deal with.” We’re here to help unblock anything that’s in the way of you having (incredible, earth-shattering, pleasurable) sex.

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sex and the vaginal microbiome

they go hand-in-hand

The vaginal microbiome is linked to numerous aspects of our health—including sexual pleasure.

By starting with an in-depth microbiome analysis, we can uncover physical aspects that may be interfering with your sex life. Follow that up with a private, easy, at-home STI test kit and you’re on your way to sex, love and peace of mind.

Need an antibiotic or refill on birth control? Grab a free telehealth visit with one of our providers, and use our low-cost Rx delivery service. Super. Simple. Sexy.

Because we’re all about you taking charge of your sexual health.

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finally, healthcare for women as it should be

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