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awesome woman sitting in the kitchen

all your healthcare needs. all in one place. personalized for you.

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What brings you here?

awesome woman sitting in a freezing ice bath

vaginal & urinary health

dryness, odor, itchiness, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis (pv), utis, or something else?

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reproductive health

ovulation, fertility, pregnacy and maternity, planning for a family, or planning for you?


hormone balance - menopause

perimenopause, menopause, hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, vaginal dryness, or other symptoms?


wellness & prevention

personal care, preventative care, sexualitym or overall health?



inner beauty, better skin health & education, or in search of a better skincare routine?

Here’s how we help.

awesome woman test kits

personalized for you

diagnostic testing

vaginal microbiome, pH, UTI, STI, diabetes, 18+ wellness, 40+ wellness

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awesome woman products

to your door

monthly subscription box

science-backed probiotics, vitamins and supplements

awesome woman making video call

when you need it

health services

unlimited telehealth, pharmacy prescription services

Here’s how it works.

Holistic healthcare, personalized for you, anytime you need it (literally). And it’s easy.


choose your journey

Your body is magnificently complex and interconnected - and sometime that feels overwhelming. Choose where you'd like to begin your journey, and we'll guide through

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complete your health profile

do your online questionnaire and get your first month's box. take your at-home tests and send your samples back to the lab. then, the true personalization begins.

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get your results

access your test results online and look forward to the highest quality nutritional supplements and probiotics and vitamins, formulated for holistic benefits and matched to your body.

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take advantage of unlimited telehealth and Rx services

no kidding. 24/7 access to our network of providers with unlimited telehealth visits. on top of that, Rx delivery straight to your door, and world-class stress and resilience training

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your healthcare should be as unique as your fingerprint.

our story
  • awesome woman near riverside

    As women we’re all different and have a variety of healthcare needs, but Awesome Woman has made me feel like part of a community of 'awesome women' that are somewhat on the same journey...looking to better our mental and physical selves. Their healthcare providers are always on and willing to help and their supplements are some of the more effective that I’ve tried. Thank you AW for bringing me what I never knew I even needed!

    Tiff, 34

  • awesome woman smiling

    I’m in menopause and it’s comforting to know I can reach a telehealth professional whenever I have questions or concerns. An amazing service!

    Pamela, 65

  • awesome woman smiling

    It’s so helpful to have one place where I can find reliable info and tests for all the weird new symptoms I’m dealing with—night sweats, daytime fatigue, brain fog—and understand what to do about them.

    Tonya, 42

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awesome. so are we.

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