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Supporting your health & well-being for an awesome you

Welcome to your digital health platform that aims to equip individuals with concerns about women’s health across the many stages of life to achieve personal health goals. We are here to break down barriers, change the narrative, and reduce the stigma that still surrounds so many women’s health concerns. No jumping through hoops, long waits, or unnecessary appointments. No nonsense, confusion, or lack of support. Instead, you’re invited to a platform that’s easy to use, built around you, and designed to help you understand:

What’s happening to my body? Why is it happening? How can I feel my best?

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Awesome woman is wellness that works.

Frustrating symptoms? Feeling misunderstood or ignored? Overwhelmed? You’re not alone.

Over 50% of women report inability to access quality healthcare for conditions that are tough to navigate like menopause, fertility and cycle health. The symptoms they describe are often unaddressed or completely ignored. Unilever has joined forces with Awesome Woman to bring you a health & well-being experience that treats you as an individual, not an average, and gives you options that make sense in today’s world.


Create your free, 100% private Awesome Woman account.
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Answer a few questions to personalize your experience.


Get info on why symptoms are happening and what to do about it.


Try the whole program free for 3 months.


Share feedback on your experience

Feeling stuck or alone? Health changes in any stage of life are hard. Get Awesome Woman & licensed Mayo content at your fingertips so you know what to expect and how to feel better with options that are right for you. Our community is here to lean on when no one else truly gets it. Interact anonymously with a community of people like you, to discuss your issues and talk with AW experts.

What’s included?

  • Access to Awesome Woman experts in an anonymous community of women & individuals like you
  • Mindfulness and mental well-being tools
  • Dietitian-developed nutrition courses matched to your health needs and goals
  • Robust library of vetted, trustworthy women’s health content from Mayo clinic for any individuals interested in learning more about women’s health or similar concerns
  • Get insights about your health concerns and tips on how to feel better
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Katie Baker, M.D.

Women deserve better

I’ve been working in healthcare for 10 years. We’re building a comprehensive, supportive platform so women and those experiencing similar health concerns can get fast, easy access to compassionate care, helpful answers and solutions that really improve their quality of life.

- Dr. Katie Baker, MD

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