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let’s talk about the Power of V.

it means the collective power of girls, women, nonbinary, and transgender individuals who menstruate

We’re celebrating the uniqueness of women and using the power of our collective voices to bring about change. We’ve seen sisterhood in action—from the #metoo movement to women’s rights, gender equality, and body positivity—it’s nothing short of awesome.

your voice + community = a movement for women everywhere

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we believe that a brand must say and do.

We’re here to put women at the center of the conversation. To listen, educate, and to lean into the issues that are important to women around the globe. We’re here to start conversations and find real answers. We’re here to change the healthcare system so that it works for us and future generations. All on our terms.

menstrual equity

because we can’t talk about ‘the power of v’ without discussing our periods.

did you know?

  • 4 out of 5 students either miss class time or know someone who missed class because they don’t have access to period products
  • 12% of children and young women have to improvise with socks and toilet paper*
  • 23% of students have to choose between buying period products and food or clothing*
  • The ‘Pink Tax’ is a thing. A New York Study of Consumer Affairs found that products marketed to women and girls cost 7% more than those marketed to men and boys
  • The stigma of the period still exists. 58% of students said that they are negatively affected by negative associations with their periods. 76% of students say there is a negative association that periods are gross and unsanitary and 65% agree that society teaches girls to be ashamed of their period.

(according to the State of the Period 2021 Study)

what can you do?

Join Awesome Woman today, and every purchase you make will support menstrual equity or fighting women’s cancer. Best of all, it’s your choice which one. From membership to product purchases, you can use the power of your dollar to voice what causes matter most to you.

Once you’ve created your account. Make your cause selection and donate to our ‘Power of V’ program to turn these statistics into positive actions.

finally, healthcare for women as it should be

let's get started
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