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hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings no more

your hormone balance journey

Are you approaching menopause? Or in the full swing of it? Hang in there. We’re here to help. And we’re going to go ahead and say it: It doesn’t have to be so bad.

We believe that every woman’s journey is her own. But when the going gets tough, and the night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, low libido, dryness get in the way of enjoying that journey, may we offer some guidance?

There really are answers and proven therapies to improved mood, sexual health, and overall well-being. Sometimes finding the root of hormonal imbalance can help ease the situation.

Convenience is key. For many women, all of this can be accomplished from home, on your time, with no in-person office visit required. Our goal is to help you de-code what your body’s trying to tell you with tools like:

  • at-home hormone balance tests
  • at-home consults with an exceptional women’s health provider
  • super convenient Rx delivery, if needed
  • natural, effective supplements delivered monthly
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hormone imbalance + the vaginal microbiome

how we can help

More than just hot flashes and mood swings, hormone fluctuations can occur throughout life, often well before menopause. But it’s hard to know for sure if hormone imbalance is at play. Same for other symptoms—vaginal dryness, painful sex, low libido. It’s tough to tell whether hormones are the culprit or if there’s a physical reason. It matters, because the root cause determines the best treatment.

To take it even further—Forty Plus Fabulous and Level Set. Full-panel testing to identify hormone levels and screen for things like heart health and thyroid function.

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finally, healthcare for women as it should be

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