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timing is everything

but there’s a lot more that goes into reproductive health, too

The first thing we want to acknowledge about your fertility and reproductive health is: This is incredibly personal to you.

At Awesome Woman, we are committed to being a supportive guide for you, knowing that your journey is your own. What we can provide is gentle guidance, support, helpful tools, supplements, education & knowledge to help you navigate getting pregnant.

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getting in tune with your body’s rhythm

perfect timing on your terms

Complex bodily rhythms are one of the gifts of being a woman. On any given day, as our hormones shift, so can our balance, mood, and creativity. Making sense of monthly hormonal shifts can be challenging. And when you’re trying to have a baby, it can be crucial.

With our at-home fertility tests, you can track your hormone levels and ovulation to help make perfect timing possible.

Along with premium health supplements to optimize reproductive health, we’re here to empower you, to support you, and help you navigate through it all.

fertility & the vaginal microbiome

how it all connects

Your vaginal microbiome holds a wealth of information. Researchers have learned that the unique composition of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that inhabit your vagina can help answer questions about fertility. Not only that, but your vaginal microbiome may impact conception, sexual wellness, pregnancy, birth outcomes, and even the health of your newborn baby.

Your awesome woman reproductive health journey begins with an in-depth health profile and optional at-home tests to understand your body’s unique needs.

After that, you can opt for additional at-home tests like: Level Set to measure reproductive hormone levels, or 28 days to Clarity to bring precision to cycle mapping.

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finally, healthcare for women as it should be

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