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we believe women deserve holistic care. all in one place.

a personalized journey, unlike anything you’ve tried before

care for all life stages

from menstrual care to menopause. everything between and beyond.

diagnostic testing

from skin health, to microbiome testing, to hormones, to sexual wellness. easy, accessible, and all at home.

prescription medication

the medication you need at the lowest possible cost. right to your door.

mental well-being

stress management content & coaching


expert care from clinicians, whenever you need it.

wellness & beauty

science-based supplements & beauty solutions.

let’s get personal

awesome woman holding a magnifier

A deep understanding of who you are is what helps us deliver the best possible health solutions for you. And all of our solutions are science-rooted, tech-driven, and care-centered.

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why we start with the vaginal microbiome

While your genes are 99.9% like everyone else’s, your vaginal microbiome is uniquely yours. We believe understanding it is the key to uncovering your needs. Our at-home vaginal microbiome test helps you unlock new insights about your health and sheds light on wellness markers including:

vaginal dryness
cancer risks
period issues
mental wellness
and a whole lot more


talk to a doctor, anytime. 24/7. 365 days a year. unlimited.

When it comes to your health, both timing and quality are critical. Awesome Woman health providers are on hand as soon as you schedule an appointment. With additional training in empathetic care and the vaginal microbiome, they’re ready to discuss both your vaginal microbiome test results and a range health and wellness topics including:

general wellness
intimacy & sexual health
mental & behavioral health
cold & allergy symptoms
vaginal odor, itching or pain
menopause & perimenopause
awesome woman doctor during telemedicine encounter

the average wait time to see a doctor in the US is29 days

the average wait time to speak with an Awesome Woman provider is10 minutes

prescriptions and refills
should be easy to get.
now they are.

awesome woman sitting on the couch

It’s simple: Getting and refilling prescriptions you need should never be a challenge. Your Awesome Woman subscription includes low-cost, mind-blowingly convenient Rx ordering and delivery.

awesome woman diagnostic tests

at-home diagnostic tests from ovulation to pregnancy to ovarian reserve

because knowledge is power

You are in the driver’s seat. The more information you have about your body, the better we’ll be able to customize your care. You’ll have access to a range of at-home tests to check your hormone levels, ovulation, vaginal pH, UTI and STI status, and more.

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when life gets messy, stress can take a toll

but the resilience to overcome it is within you

The mind-body connection is real. And we want you to feel your best from head to toe. Stress and its effects are also real. Whether it’s everyday worries, hormone fluctuations or something serious, navigating mental health can be a struggle. We want to make it less so.

Your Awesome Woman subscription includes stress and anxiety support. After applying the stress and anxiety tools we offer, 98% said they felt more equipped to handle stress, and 95% reported increased productivity.

let's get started

monthly awesome woman box

tests, probiotics, and supplements all chosen for your unique needs

You and your body know best. We’re just here to listen and help. Your vaginal microbiome analysis + your completed health profile help us curate what goes in your monthly shipments.

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like magic

our probiotics, supplements, vitamins and more make science feel like magic

(because they actually work)

Even our best efforts to eat the rainbow can leave some nutritional gaps. As an Awesome Woman premium member, your monthly box includes wellness supplements chosen for you, matched to your unique needs. Learn more about our line of high-quality, efficacious probiotics and nutritional supplements.

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awesome woman with a laptop and a cup

convenience is life

all your healthcare in one place

Our lives are filled with so many moving pieces. Awesome Woman brings your healthcare together in one place: Talk to a provider, refill your prescriptions, view your test results, customize your monthly wellness box, and track progress all in your Awesome Woman account.

we repeat: knowledge is power

and we’re always hungry for more

Cut through the wellness noise with a library of content curated for you and your current journey. Curated by our team of experts, we cover everything—from the latest women’s health research and deep-dives on treatment, to quick tips, how-tos, and real-world advice on loving your body.

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finally, healthcare for women as it should be

let's get started
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